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"The soul perfumes are a source of power and vitality, they are the quintessence of love and energy."
Big effect, neutral scent.

For most people it is normal and natural to take care of their appearance, with the use of various cosmetic products. It just feels so good, letting our skin rejuvenate through the use of lotions and oils. Many people also apply perfume daily, to surround themselves with a pleasant scent. But what about products to nourish and strengthen our inner life, products which are preferably also timesaving?

With the creation of the Soul Perfumes, there are now products which strengthen the spirit, mind and body in equal measures. The Soul Perfumes are comprised of divine energy, an energy that expressly helps us handle our emotions and not be ruled by them. Burdensome emotions are released and simultaneously our own Essence is strengthened, thus radiating a feeling of security and peace. Those around you will perceive it as an inner glow. 

The Mind might ask how this could logically be. The effects of the Soul Perfumes, however, unfold independently of the Understanding. And long-term, even the mind will eventually come to realize that using Soul Perfumes does the whole Being good. The process is comparable to the power of anointment, which is known to mankind for millenia. Certain people – like Laila Surya – are a channel for divine energy and can pass this energy on, to support as many human beings as possible in their doing and their being.

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Click on the name of the respective essence: LOVE, LUCKY CHILD, MIND, HEALING HEART und PEACE

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