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Clarity and determination ...
Competence and humanity ...

  • Self-confidence
  • Personal development
  • Personal and professional fulfilment
  • Stress- Management
  • Dissolving anxieties and feeling of guilt

I support people who want to develop themselves as well as bring forward their environment. People who want to make a difference. People for whom certain goals are so important that they have already used a lot of energy and resources but have not, so far, achieved the desired results. People who nevertheless instinctively feel that these goals are achievable and whose inner voice tells them not to give up.

I welcome these people with love and understanding at the place, where they are now. Thanks to my ability to see all things through my eyes and my heart, no great explanation is needed. People feel understood and accepted and, as a first step, find peace, confidence and trust again.

In acceptance, I look at why the previous efforts have not led to success. I consider the individual personality and its past, as well as the private or professional environment. Beyond the obvious, I also see the repressed, the forgotten, the blocking and the energy-sapping and can address it. Even though my clients usually become aware of these things consciously for the first time in their lives, there is always a moment of shared recognition because they intuitively perceive that what they see is true. Often what one feels is relief, as through these insights the perspective changes, from feeling helpless to feeling powerful.

Thereafter I can dissolve these resistances and give the person concerned incentives for further development and show a way. Ultimately, every human being has to go his own way. For only then does a person gain the feeling and the certainty of his own strength and empowerment. I have the ability to show people the direction of their path and guide them along the way. It also enables me to react to new situations.

Through this process, I improve the quality of both the private and professional life of my clients fundamentally and sustainably. These desired ameliorations will occur very quickly because of my ability as seeress to recognize things immediately.

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