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Equilibrium and vitality ...
in harmony with your own living environment

1) Contentment and achievement

Many people are dissatisfied in certain areas of their lives. This is an indication that they have not yet found what corresponds to them in these areas. Jesus says, „He who seeks finds.” Really finding oneself and recognizing oneself is one of the central endeavours in the life of each one of us. However, this is not so easy, as we first have to understand where and how we can search for it. In our society, self-discovery is often attempted by comparison with others. However comparing yourself to others can only lead to discovering in parts another person but will leave you, regarding your own identity, still in the dark. Incomprehension is even intensified when one runs after foreign ideals only to realize, when reaching these goals, that one still feels unfulfilled. In addition, the search for one’s Own is often attempted by the mind, which mainly uses old experience as a standard of evaluation and thus cannot recognize what corresponds to oneself but what one has not yet experienced.

Through my ability to see the entire picture, including the past and the future, I can help you meet your inner-self and respect yourself for what you are. I can also help you find the purpose of your current life. Once you have recognized your purpose, it almost puts itself into practice autonomously, because you live your destiny. You can recognize that you live it when all happens easily and joyfully. Success will occur automatically when you follow your purpose with an open heart. The power that comes with it will help you to do things for which you do not even have any special gifts, but which are necessary to accomplish your purpose. Inner joy and fulfilment are accompanying the realization and the work on your life mission. It brings all areas in line with your life rhythm, which is the deeper meaning of success. In this sense of completeness there is no room for those addictions and bad habits that were previously needed as a substitute for fulfilment.

2) Clearance of blockages

In each of us there are different blockages that prevent us from getting in line with our life rhythm. These are mainly fears, uncertainties or feelings of guilt. Individuals can still override minor obstacles, but larger blockages can impede a person to progress in a particular case.

Many people try to free themselves from great anxiety and guilt feelings in years of therapeutic sessions. However, this is not only time consuming and cost intensive, the person affected must also endure, over a longer period of time, to be in contact again with the pain of the original situation. But a different approach to anxiety is also possible; because this sits as an energetic accumulation in a certain area in the respective body. Often the person feels in this area pressure, strain or tension. In addition, there is a risk that this negative energy accumulation causes physical illnesses. I have the ability to completely dissolve the energetic structures of anxiety in one treatment, without the necessity to consciously experience the original situation again. After such a release process, the same fear cannot come back again during this lifetime, as it takes a long time for such an energetic accumulation to form in the same place.

Also when it comes to the feeling of guilt, I can release it but not by using my mind. Because this is precisely what often the person concerned – and especially his environment – have tried for a long time to no avail. The rational perception is often called upon to ‘explain’ that objectively the person carries no blame for a certain situation and its consequences. It is also not uncommon that people surrounding the persons concerned are not capable to fully understand their guilty consciences and take the view that in a similar situation they would not be equally struggling with guilt feelings. With all this, the energetic reality of the person concerned is misjudged, which in turn hinders a solution. In fact, it will often be the case that the affected person has had to deal with this particular guilt feeling in childhood or in previous lives. The current situation only reactivated existing feelings of guilt. As with fears, it is possible for me to see and dissolve all of the previous sources for the current guilt feelings. And just as with fears, a sense of guilt will not return in this life after a release process.

It is a misconception to think that major fears and feelings of guilt will disappear over time, if only suppressed long enough. With such a strategy not only a lot of energy of the affected person is lost, because the negative feelings must be actively kept in the subconscious mind but the energy accumulations remain, because they are not actively transformed. After a release process, one did not only release the blockade, one also has the energy that was previously used to suppress the negative emotion. Likewise, the tension in the affected area in the body dissolves and the entire body energy circulation gets going.

3) Strengthening

I also look at what the person is missing to accomplish its mission. This can be both a strengthening of existing skills, as well as the creation of new skills. By freeing up space and energies through the dissolution of blockages, the person I am treating will immediately be able to apply and integrate the new abilities. Strengthening has another very positive side effect. Often we see others in our lives as competitors or opponents. However, these individuals are often in your life to alert you to a missing, or to be developed, own strength. If I strengthen myself in that area, what I have perceived as opponents will disappear from my life. This does not mean that they are completely out of the life of the person concerned. But even if they continue to be part of the personal environment of the person concerned, they will no longer be perceived as competitors.

4) Energies in properties

Few people are aware that buildings and plots of land can have a major impact on their sensitiveness. They then look for the causes of feelings such as lack of energy and listlessness, tiredness, inner tension or illness in their own person or their personal environment. Also, after relocations, new patterns often emerge, such as sudden family or partnership disputes, or a crisis in a previously successful business environment. Even in such situations, the causes are often sought only in the persons. However, too little attention is paid to the fact that all events that have taken place in the past in houses and properties have left behind energy accumulations. If these energetic accumulations have taken on a certain size, they, like personal fears and feelings of guilt, can hinder a positive development or even initiate a negative development. And just as I can do this for persons, I have the ability to recognize and dissolve negative energetic accumulations and their causes in properties. Only then does a free space emerge, in which the desired outcome can materialize. At the same time, also rooms and spaces can be strengthen, which is beneficial for the person in question or the intended goal. For example, for a vacation home, the energy to rest can be beneficial or for a company headquarters the energy of creativity. It is particularly effective if I look at the object in the planning phase to see if it is suitable for the intended purpose.

Against this background it is also understandable that one should always work holistically on a development or realization. Because even if blockages were solved in a person, this will usually only have the hoped-for success, if this gained strength is not hampered by blockades in the home or professional environment again. On the other hand, it is especially beneficial if, in addition to personal treatment, the environment is also freed from disturbing burdens and strengthened. Because then the affected persons also experience a constant strengthening through their environment, which supports them in all their acting and being.

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